A quick introduction

Yes, I would be the new kid on the block.

After doing a lot of research, studying and discussion with a pal (Hi Sparky), I finally decided it was time to try a VPS account with Knownhost. I purchased a VPS L plan in the Texas datacenter.

I have three small vBulletin forums that I enjoy working with, but this is my first venture into VPS hosting. So I am nervously excited about getting my forums migrated across to the VPS.

I look forward to 'meeting' everyone and also to a long partnership with Knownhost.

I'm new to KH too! Hello everyone!
All I can say is I hope you are impressed with your KH experience as I am.

I've had to pester the support team for some help and they have jumped right in to get me going. And they are doing it so politely, which means a lot to me.

I was with a host 2-3 years back that would take hours to answer support tickets and when they would finally answer, they would talk down to me. Heck, I was already aware I knew nothing, that was why I was asking for their help in the first place. Having them treat me the fool was not what I needed or wanted.

People are usually hasty to point out another's shortcomings and failures, but we are generally slower to offer praise and appreciation. So I always try to remember to praise those that are doing a great job. And to this point, everyone at KnownHost has been doing just that.