2012 KnownHost Holiday Upgrade Announcement


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Dear Valued KnownHost Client,

Well, it's that time of the year again and we're proud to release our holiday announcement to celebrate the holiday season. KnownHost Santa has been very busy digging deep into his bag to make all KnownHost customers happy and we feel this year he's done just that. This year it's bigger and better than ever before. We are pleased to announce we are releasing BRAND NEW VPS PLANS and BRAND NEW DEDICATED SERVER PLANS which any customer can move to per request. You aren't forced to move but in many cases it will give you more bang for your buck so we recommend considering it as the least. To move to a new VPS plan it's seamless as we've built a process for this so it just needs a reboot essentially. This means it's pain free to move if you decide you want to move to the new VPS plans. The new upgraded VPS plans we consider MASSIVE as the RAM, Disk Space, and Bandwidth are all increased and in some cases the price has even been lowered. This will give you better performance and the ability to grow with no added costs if you elect to move to a new VPS plan. If you want a new Dedicated Server this does require data migration and IP changes but we'd manage the process for you. Just ask and we can explain it in further detail.

This holiday announcement regarding the new VPS's and Dedicated Servers is delivered to you by KnownHost Santa and is something we at KnownHost are quite proud of. This release of brand new VPS plans involves a large investment on our part but in return we feel this will provide our current and new customers with a better valued product at the same or even a lower cost. Our goal is to grow with our customers so this upgrade should allow this to happen with no downtime or price increase involved.

If you want to switch just reply to this email and we can discuss it with you as it's not something you have to do anything with besides emailing us at sales@knownhost.com. Again, these are brand new VPS plans so if you are interested we need to move you to the new VPS as forcing you isn't something we feel is the best approach. As the saying goes 'if it isn't broken why fix it' so we feel this is the best approach when doing a re-haul of an entire VPS product line. One thing to note is we won't be selling Hybrid Servers anymore but the new VPS's we offer (7 in total) cater to those users as well so feel with the lower prices and increase in resources this is a good thing for new and existing customers.

Please note, we do expect a large flow of emails regarding this announcement so please be patient with our replies. With the holiday season we will be working with a lighter crew so replies will take anywhere from 1-3 days.

Again, we wish you all a happy holidays. We look forward to an even better 2013!

New plans are now public on our website and can be found here. :) Hope you enjoy! https://www.knownhost.com/managed-ssd-vps.html and https://www.knownhost.com/dedicated-servers.html

Happy Holidays from Everyone at KnownHost!