'yum' update problems...does anyone use yum successfully?


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Does anyone else use yum on CentOS VPS's successfully? Do you have to do anything special?

It used to crash all the time, but would run OK if I first stopped mysqld. (Suggested by other forums.)

Now 'yum' has even more problems, like it hangs forever. Other forums suggest that the problems are resource related, because VPS's don't usually have as much memory or filehandles or something like that as dedicated servers.

Sometimes I have to reboot and shut down all the daemons and user programs just to get yum to run successfully.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this? Maybe run 'rpm' and do downloads individually? Sounds like more work...yum is muy convenient!


Hi gw13007,

I, personally, have never seen any errors using Yum in all the time I've been using a VPS. Especially with the increases that KH has been giving us I wouldn't think that would be it but I suppose if you are running some memory intensive applications that it could be.

What does your memory usage look like? And have you contacted KH support about this problem at all?