You should support Pleask


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Hello Team,

My suggestion to Knownhost is that they should provide support for standard hosting panel like Plesk instead of DirectAdmin where i dont know how much it will take time to introduce basic features in DirectAdmin which we were using in cpanel since last 10 years ago.

Recently due to price hike in cpanel, i shift to new server with DirectAdmin. Support team told that it is similar/alternative to cpanel. Before move i thought that there may be change some layout and others, and may be missing some features. But there should be some basic features which we use in cpanel. but i am surprised, when i used it.

There are missing many basic features in DirectAdmin. File compression and sub domain does not work like cpanel. In compress file, it generate relative folder also. This is very useless. and also we can not create sub domain out side public_html. If i ask to support team then he told that we need to do this from developer. Cpanel and plesk is far better than this DA. So i suggest to all customer who does not have budget issue then dont go for DirectAdmin, except you are familiar with it and use it.

Personnel i am really tired from this DirectAdmin features. But due to emergency i had no choice to continue with DirectAdmin. From next year, i will plan to move hosting due to this DirectAdmin issue.

Thanks for your reply and thought out suggestion.

Plesk I'm afraid is not a suitable replacement for cPanel, for one simple fact. The company that purchased cPanel, and has caused all of these incessant price increases is the exact same company that owns Plesk. Plesk has also seen a price increase this year, although not as drastic as cPanel.

DirectAdmin is always open to enhancements and requests, have you taken a look at their feature request system here?

If you don't see the feature you need requested here, place a request for it and post your request URL here and we'll speak with DirectAdmin about it as well to see if it's possible to get added.

I do understand the frustrations that can be involved with change, but the price difference between DirectAdmin and cPanel or even Plesk is very drastic. The main difference being DirectAdmin is still an independent company committed to our industry. Compare that to WebPro's, the owner of Plesk/cPanel, they continue to raise prices year after year because they have debts to pay back and stock holders now who want their money. I do not anticipate cPanel or Plesk to stop raising prices for several years to come.