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    I read before that the support likes you to just go to them so I did becasue I just got my account active so though I understand a good bit I needed to make sure I had it right. Though some of the detail I learned reading and other tinkering, the heirarchy got me so here is a snapshot of what I sent to support:

    Hey Team:

    Take your time, I'd rather you take a few hours and help others between to give me some well thought replies because I'll have plenty of links to just investigate and read the help files of both panels before I do much else. This is not mission critical but learning mode only. You don't have to lift a finger here except answering the questions.

    Pretty excited to get going and quickly I will be using this server for a few sites, small now, but one at least is going to be a Wordpress Multi-site with Buddy Press and some of the sites will have stores and chat but not IRC.

    I will be using this company's plug-ins ... including the chat which is one of the main reasons I plan to leave They are pretty good but I need more helpful support. The chat plug-in I was experimenting with was hitting resources hard but since I had to request logs and such, time to move on to VPS...

    told them my skill set and wanted to learn...

    questions as follows and the replies (italic) mixed with my frustration in bold...

    >>1. Logged into both panels fine (PowerPanel & cPanel WHM) but got certificate warnings at Power Panel help/pdf file too. What is best practice here?

    Ignore, make manually safe in browser or update certificate, if so where/how to update cert?

    Please let us know, the details of your knownhost server so that we can assist you better.

    This seems a bit obvious but you have the details as far as I can see, it's brand new but it's a simple question that can be replied to better than this.

    >>2. The Power Panel is Virtuozzo? It controls the whole container regardless of cPanel which means cPanel is just an "option" but is one of the panels required for support? Correct in concept/hierarchy?

    Parallels Power Panels (PPP) is a powerful and easy-to-use web-based tool to administer and recover the containers. The cPanel is a Unix based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site.

    I can read and since this ticket took a while I think it would be nice to read my actual question and adress it directly.

    >>3. I changed the Power Panel Password and will change the cPanel password and assuming they don't need to match and this is considered a best practice?

    The power panel password is same as the root password of the server. Changing the power panel password will not cause any change in the cPanel password of an account/domain.

    Sort of what I asked, an A for effort

    >>I also added my email to the Power Panel and see emails from entering the root now?

    We are bit confused with your query. Please let us know, your exact requirement so that we can help you better.

    Might want to read the Power Panel Help file yourself. Databases query, humans ask questions and just who is we? Are we being watched?

    >>4. I'm not overly concerned with the domain propagating now but assuming I have to use to make my other domains work because it is the head of the domain hierarchy like HostGator with domains working off a master domain like sub-domains (is sub-domains)?

    If you transferred the main domain and the DNS to the new server there will be propagation delay of 24-48 hours. This is also applicable for the subdomains of that domain.

    Never mind... I don't care any more

    >>5. I bought a new domain with you on purchase, what is my registrar link to update my nameserver records?

    You can contact your registrar to update the nameserver records.

    No drinking at work please, I bought it new with you

    >>6. In the Power Panel I turned on the firewall to Normal Mode for now. Is this a best practice? Is there any issue doing so, best practice or what?

    We suggest you to set the firewall mode as "Advanced firewall mode with default policy Accept" for the proper working of the server.

    He's seen this one before, too easy

    >>8. In Power Panel I have an install Plesk option but I have cPanel/WHM. Am I off base here? Should I not install Plesk because I have cPanel? Is this not the same Plesk module? I can use simultaneously? Would fail because I have cPanel or delete, crash burn!? What's that damn button do! I want to press it so bad...

    As cPanel is installed in the server there is no need of installing the plesk control panel. The Parallels Power Panels (PPP) is a powerful and easy-to-use web-based tool that can use to assign to end users and container owners with limited and direct access to containers. The users can self-administer and recover personal containers.

    You had me at no need of installing the plesk control panel... but why confuse a good answer or at least put it into your own words for clarity...

    9. Can you make sure I have my panel hierarchy correct and fill in the gaps?
    Virtuozzo Power Panel is the container script?

    cPanel link you gave is the new master domain panel for and controls other domain cPanels options? or I could use Plesk instead back to question 8 kind of?

    How off am I, is some of this for reselling and not needed since I will have multiple personal sites but not reselling? Explain? Get my panel relationship right in my head and I think I can figure out most of the rest. So each domain will have its own cPanel and the first one is a master cPanel?

    Please provide us the details of your knownhost server so that we can assist you better.

    :confused: welcome to my world

    10. See where I'm confused? I think it is the only part I'm a bit lost on because of the new layers, sort of like a WAMP but I want to make sure what is controlling what and what the panel levels are, even if I don't resell it would be good info to learn.

    No reply

    joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me

    >>11. So what is done for me and what hardening do I need besides WordPress itself? Just in general like I see mysql, etc., what else should I put on my list for say a secure WordPress site besides direct WordPress stuff from the VPS point of view?

    You can install plugins like Wp super cache to improve the performance of your wordpress site. Also consult with a web developer and optimize the wordpress site. The following link will help you...

    We can optimize the server and check the performance only if we have access to the server. We shall check the performance once you provide us the server details.

    Danger Danger Will...

    I know the questions are not perfect but was this actually read?

    Might there be a service agent that wants to try ticket # 150866 again, it may be open still?
  2. kingtas

    kingtas New Member

    Good grief! KnownHost has a long history of providing excellent support. No joking. ;)
  3. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Well hello Loius and welcome to Knownhost.

    First off I have to say that I don't really see any questions you are posing to the forum here so is this just a bash on KH support? Because if that is the case I think you need to step back and realize that you yourself said you didn't really know what you were doing and yet you have passed judgement on support when you didn't even know the questions you were asking.

    So from there I will continue on by stating that I am not KH support, I am a user just like you but I will try to address some of your questions as best I can.

    When you submit a ticket to support you should put your IP number and password in there. You later state you have changed this password. Now I don't know if that is why they had to ask you for it or not but it would certainly throw a flag up to me.

    Now as far as your question is concerned it can be very confusing due to the fact that there are two control panels. This one (Virtuozzo Power Panel) I spend absolutely no time in. The only time I have was when I needed to do a full backup restore which was in the very beginning after I got my VPS.

    Although that does not address the fact that you got a SSL certificate error on the help file. I just logged into my VZPP and the only certificate error that I got was when I originally pulled up the site which is normal with a cPanel machine since it uses a shared certificate for everything on the server. You accept the certificate and you should be able to move on just fine.

    No not really correct.

    Virtuozzo is the software used on the server to create containers (VPSs). They give us this little VZPP for top level control over or VPS.

    When they (KH) provision a VPS it has no control panel although it would still have the VZPP. Some people keep their VPS like this and manually create domains or even put a different control panel on it. You chose to have cPanel as your control panel. Use it to configure the VPS, create domains, and manage things. It's the control panel that's what it does.

    Actually he answered your question exactly as you worded it.

    You did not say anything about the WHM password. The VZPP password and the WHM password will be one and the same.

    Once you create domains then THEY will have a cPanel password and they will all be different and separate from the VZPP and WHM password.

    I don't understand what you are saying here either. I think I put an email address in there but I have no idea what you are talking about "seeing emails from entering the root now" that statement makes no sense to me.

  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator


    He's telling you what optimizations can be done for a WP install, that is what you mostly talked about in your question after all.

    Again it's probably just terminology. A cPanel/WHM server is pretty much ready to go with SQL, Apache/PHP, Exim, etc...

    There is further hardening you can do to secure your server like Suhosin, SuPHP, CSF, etc specific and provide your details for your server and KH will be glad to help you with it or be adventurous and figure out how to do it yourself and be secure in the knowledge that KH support is there to help dig you out when you need it (lordy knows I've needed it a number of times).

    I am sorry that you feel your questions were answered less than satisfactorily but it really is no lie that KH support is top notch. In their defense it was a LOT of questions some of which were not worded well simply due to unfamiliarity with the product. No real blame on anyone's part here.

    Hope that helps Loius!
  5. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    This ticket, indeed, could be handled better. The answers that were sent are not exactly friendly for the new customer and do not explain things much. Also, I believe there was some misunderstanding of the questions asked. I'm pretty sure support team will be happy to work with you and clarify things if you would update the ticket continuing the discussion. Don't hesitate to open a ticket if you have any questions, need to check/double check something, etc. If you feel that your ticket isn't handled well please feel free to ask for the ticket to be escalated to me, I'm available most of the time and always willing to take a look at things and to correct possible problems if needed.

    Dan, thanks for your reply in this thread and the clarifications you've provided. Just few more points to add:

    Regarding #1 - in order to handle this right support team needs to duplicate the situation to see if what you're referring to is something normal or not. To do so they need access information as your Power Panel can't be accessed without valid (and current) root-level access information. The domain you typed in the ticket doesn't resolve and this was your first ticket so there was no history to work this yet.

    5. I can only guess at this point of this but I bet that the "...with you..." part was overlooked. When you register a new domain at the time when you signup for a VPS we do register nameserver names listed in your welcome email for you upon VPS provisioning. You can login to your billing control panel, click on the domain name and confirm that it is pointing to registered nameserver names. If this is not the case please feel free to open a ticket in the billing queue to check this out.

    6. "Normal More" would be more or less situatble only for Plesk-based VPSs. You should leave firewall configuration in your Power Panel in its default state (disabled) or follow support's suggestion to switch it to the advanced more with the default policy set to accept and manage your firewall configuration through CSF config file (/etc/csf/csf.conf) or through the CSF's web based interface available in the Plugins section of your root-level WHM control panel. Lately every cPanel VPS we deliver comes with CSF pre-installed.

    8. This option is removed from most screens but is left on some not that commonly used screens as we basically can't remove it (and few other "dangerous" things) from there. Unfortunately Parallels products are not exactly flexible and customization is a pretty big pain. Do not click that button even if you see it as you'll end up having half of broken cPanel and half of broken Plesk.

    10. I'm not quite sure what kind of reply was expected... However I do have a question - what is WAMP?

  6. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hey there Paul!

    It's the same as LAMP except for Windows, the the W :)
  7. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Ah, I see.... thanks for the clarification :)
  8. Flash Buddy

    Flash Buddy New Member

    Having to take support request myself for my own clients, I would prefer not to have to read a book and just get to the point. If it were me I would have been more succinct and broken my request up into more manageable requests. Just sayin...:D
  9. amy66

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    Definitely agree.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  10. DesotoD

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    Dan pretty much covered it but just a word of advice: It doesn't matter who you have the VPS through, but when you contact support, it is always best to provide as detailed of a request as you can. First, as Dan stated, your IP and pass, then try to describe the problem. Simply saying "my stuff is broke" doesn't give a clue but saying "the ping time on my server is extremely high" or "If I change the pass in PowerPanel, does it effect the pass for WHM?" will get you a faster, more detailed response.

    I've had maybe ONE support problem in multiple years/multiple servers with Knownhost and that was quickly resolved by Paul. It was more of a language barrier than anything so I learned to detail my requests on the front end. It saves a lot of headache and time. Pretty doggone good IMO. I just wish they did Windows VPS as well.

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