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I'm pretty much fed up with my current host due to multiple xml-rpc issues. I need xml-rpc enabled and available with a manged vps...any issues with this if I switch to you?

Thanks for considering us. I assume you've had problems with people abusing xmlrpc on your wordpress site? I think all hosts have a love/hate relationship with xmlrpc.php

Can you give me a bit more details as far as what your usage scenario is and what kind of problems you've encountered?
Thanks for your reply Daniel. I have software that I only allow xml-rpc posting for the 2 IPs associated with it - all others are blocked (which is what I want). In addition I have WP security plugins that also help with unwanted posting so I have not had any issues whatsoever. Moreover, I have plugins that block bots and bad server requests.

Before I switch to you, I just want to be sure that you can enable xml-rpc for me for the 2 ips I need.


If you've got things locked down to just 2 IP's that wouldn't be a problem at all. A simple additional to /home/.htaccess to allow those two IP's to post to xml-rpc would be all that's necessary.

Most of the problems we see in regards to xmlrpc stem from folks that have them wide open and let anyone submit post requests to them from any IP.
Perfect! You can expect me to switch to you shortly!
Lastly, will you be able to handle the complete migration of my sites seamlessly and IF I have a significant traffic surge on a managed VPS how will you help me manage the surge without a suspension/cancellation of my hosting?


The migrations depend on your specific circumstances. For instance, are you migrating from shared hosting or a vps, and if you have root access. Other things such as if you are migrating from cPanel, have the full cPanel transfer backups been disabled by your host etc.

Worst case we can work with you to perform a manual migration for a nominal fee, but most cPanel -> cPanel migrations are done free of charge.

As far as the website traffic, our VPS's are designed to handle surges in traffic up to a certain point. Obviously some things such as disk space, or ram consumption would cause operability issues (i.e. running out of memory). If you are simply experiencing large traffic loads that might spike your CPU we will make every effort to notify you first to give you a chance to make adjustments before we take further steps. If you are aware ahead of time of your busy season, or large advertisements then we would hope you would contact us to prepare ahead of time by adding additional resources etc.

Let us know if you have any further questions!
Thanks Daniel. I just signed up!

I am migrating from shared hosting with cPanel (not sure about cPanel transfer backup ststus though) Trying to switch my nameservers in NameCheap using but keep getting an error using ns1.<mydomain.com> - any ideas?
P.S. Your rapid responses give me assurances I've made the right move switching!

Make sure you've registered the nameservers first before swapping to them. Check the name cheap help guides for 'creating new nameservers' or 'registering a custom nameserver' , should get you going in the right direction there.