Xcache : Reduce Ur Server Load.


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here im just trying to share my positive experience...just hope some one will be helped out....
this information is generally for VPS user.If KH want they may impliment it for shared server too.

We everyone know about eAcclereator/APC/memCached as phpacclereator/opcode cacher.

Another utilty comes out a bit newer than them as mentioned.
Its XCache. developed by mOo .


Yes it worked smoother than all others.
eAcc sometime makes the page hang.APC seemed stop upgradation.
whatever it is...
Xcache doing is too good.It need very small qty of RAM than eAcc/APC/memcache.
and its output is much faster than all of them.

Yes it works fine with php5.2.* series without any problem..
personally our site beased on Vbulletin 3.6.5 .I am using xCache with its data store. it reduce straight 3 query at my forum home.
it reduce 5 query at Arcade home page.

For details :

any one need any info..plz drop here...i will try to keep u update :)