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  1. Cloud

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    As a new KH client of a few days, I've been impressed with the speed of service & attention to date.

    I'm planning to set up WP MU (multi user) & wanted to know if any other
    KH members have done so & their overall experience.

    Also, is it is necessary to configure Apache so that mod rewrite works
    or is this already the default option. In particular I'm looking at
    how to do the following WP MU installation step:

    "1. Make sure a line like the following appears in your httpd.conf
    LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_rewrite.so

    2. In the <Directory> directive of your virtual host, look for this line
    "AllowOverride None"and change it to
    "AllowOverride FileInfo Options"

    3. In the <VirtualHost> section of the config file for your host there
    will be a line defining the hostname. You need to add the following
    if you want virtual hosts to work properly:
    "ServerAlias *.domain.tld"
    Replace domain.tld with whatever your one is, and remove the quotes."

    Much appreciated!
  2. Wired Techie

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    I believe the Cpanel/WHM already have the mod rewrite enabled by default, however, you may or may not need mbstring support (I know that I did because it was a requirement for my forums), which requires rebuilding apache, which again is quite easy to do through WHM as well.

    With Cpanel/WHM, I haven't found any need to edit the apache.conf files as WHM takes care of it automatically when you add or remove a domain.

    Cpanel and WHM make everything relativly easy.


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