WP Login Attempts, Others in Errors Log

Discussion in 'Security' started by Chimpie, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Chimpie

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    I have two accounts, each with a single domain on them, that have just some static splash pages. Barely any files on them.

    I was looking at the Errors log in cPanel and there are numerous attempts to log into wp-admin, admin.php, sample.php, etc. Neither of the accounts currently have WP installed on them.

    The attempts come and go every few days. Since those pages don't exist, I'm guessing they're just getting 404 error pages and after a few attempts, move on.

    I've never seen this before. Is this a new attempt by hackers? Just randomly hit domains with page requests?
  2. KH-ChrisM

    KH-ChrisM Technical Support Operator Staff Member

    This is a very common tactic used by bots looking for websites to exploit. They normally scan for version numbers looking for un-updated versions of software which have known vulnerabilities.
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  3. onliveserver

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    Hello team,

    Whenever there are more than 3 to 5 wrong longing attempt then your local ip has blocked to the server whereas your website hosted,
    In that case you have to unblock that your particular local ip then you have to allow the wp-admin panel.
    In second case whenever you don't have to all privileges to access the wp-admin.
  4. phpAddict

    phpAddict Active Member

    @onliveserver You mean WAN IP. Local IPs don't get picked up by external web servers.
    However, brute-forcing WP is unrelated to this 8 month old topic.

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