Would that be possible??


Future KH customer

Let me explain what I m trying to do..

I intend to use VPS Triple for hosting business. The thing is, for some reason (lets not go into its details) I don’t want to host more than 10-15 sites on one IP, i.e. I want to spread 100 sites on 10 IPs on that VPS. If I intended to do it for my own sites, I would have just created 10 reseller accounts with custom nameserver and host 10 sites each. But since it’s for a hosting business, I am looking for a more appropriate solution. Can you please help me out if this is even possible???? if so, what will you suggest me?

**Think of it as a Host with multiple servers in different DC but using same DNS for all clients. I know there is a way to do it.. just not sure how?

In short, I want to use same nameserver (ns1/ns2.vps.com) for all my clients but want to spread them on 10 different IPs.

I be using CPanel/WHM and my billing/support software would be WHMCS.

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. What you mentioned you are trying to accomplish with a VPS you can definitely do. You can create first 10 accounts, then change shared IP on the WHM >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup screen, create 10 more, change shared IP again and so on. Hope this helps.


Is it that simple??? R you sure???

I have been told by an other provider that I would need to setup a "clustered DNS" or something like that. They even suggested to use some paid DNS providers....
Yes, it's that simple with a single system. I guess the other provider must have thought that you will want to run multiple systems with the same nameservers but in your request you said you want to use a single system, just spread sites over multiple IPs assigned to the very same VPS.