Would like to see details of disk space by directory/subdirectory


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I would like to see how much disk space I used for what.

Inside the parallels panel it says 23GB. This is probably true. Inside WHM it says the same. Inside cpanel in "disk space usage" it shows 6900MB.

I have a database about 2GB. I have some mysql indexes.

How can I see details of my disk space usage? I can't find it anywhere. Don't say cpanel. It don't show anything outside public_html.

Morning Erdinc,

Use the command du in SSH. For instance 'du -h --max-depth=1 /home' will list each folder in /home and tell you how much space each is occupying.

Hope that helps
Hello Dan,
I've never run a SSH command before. I was hoping to find some graphical interface with folder names and folder sizes. I want to understand what is going on on my website so that I can then go back to my developer and tell what we should be doing.

I tried your idea. I downloaded Putty and run it on my machine with the correct IP address and port number. But I received this message about host key:

Now I'm guessing I need to go back to WHM and create SSH keys and authorize them. I found a video about this:

This is getting far too complicated and technical for me. Is there a graphical interface solution? Something simple like checking folder sizes shouldn't be so complicated.

It looks like the parallels panel is the top level control panel which could have this feature but it doesn't.

Hi erdinc,

That message you got it one that you get the first time you connect to any server. It is simply saying this is the first time you've connected to this server, do you want to save it's key? You simply say yes and it will connect and you will be at the command prompt :)

You are correct in saying that cPanel is only going to show usage for that account and therefore you will have to connect as the root user for your server. There are no graphical UIs running by default on the VPSs as that would require additional resource usage. I have seen where people have configured them to run a graphical UI and there is some information here on the forum but even then I do not know what kind of apps it will have by default to show disk space as you are asking.

The majority of work I do on my server is at the command line and while it may not be 100% required it is actually easier many times to do it that way. Give putty another try and see how it goes :)
Hi Dan,

I managed to get it work. Instead home, I just used a slash /

du -h --max-depth=1 /

These are the big files.

7.4G /home
6.8G /var
2.9G /usr
6.8G /root
24G /

I'm glad I could finally see where that disk space went. Thanks for your help.