Would KH consider offering extra VPS backups for a fee?


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One thing we're missing at Knownhost (we're on SSD VPS) is an offsite daily backup service outside of what is offered with WHM and the "once every 2" days backups that KnownHost does by default. We use other fully-managed VPS providers and many do offer extra daily backups for a minor fee.

Since our VPS runs on a VZ environment, we cannot install R1Soft Idera for backing up our whole site/VPS. We're getting to a point where we should ideally start backing up our sites several times per day (hence the need for R1Soft), but even another daily backup service would be useful.

Would you guys consider offering an extra daily backup service for a fee? We take daily backups with different tools, but we would be ready to pay for an extra source of daily backups just for that peace of mind, and I'm sure other KnownHost clients would also be willing to pay for extra backups.

P.S. As happy as we are with KnownHost, extra backups are crucial to us and we're considering leaving KH due to the lack of extra backup sources. That's how crucial backups are to us, and I can say that we're happy with KH and we would not otherwise consider leaving KH. It'd be great to hear if you guys are willing to consider offering such a service.

It's on the list of things we'd like to do. Currently our backup system isn't flexible enough for something like this but there's a high likelyhood that in the future it will be, at which point this is very likely. There's a couple of big projects in the works that will make the first steps towards making something like this a reality.
Great to hear. Unfortunately (in our case), we're getting to a point where we just need more backup sources. Would you happen to have any estimations as to when such a backup service could be offered? We'd hate to leave KH because of this.

Another question somewhat related and since you've mentioned big projects happening in the future, would KH offer any other type of virtualization in the future such as Xen or KVM? R1Soft can be installed in a Xen/KVM environment so it would be an excellent backup source for those of us with very active sites that need hourly backups. Xen/KVM also have other advantages, and we for sure would be ready to pay the extra premium for a KVM VPS, for example (and I know other webmasters would too). Obviously, offering another type of virtualization is a whole 'nother beast on its own, but it'd be great if KH would consider offering this in the future too as there's a market for fully-managed KVM/Xen VPS and surprisingly not many reputable VPS providers offer these types of virtualization (we've been researching this).