Wordpress & VPS Optimization - what a nightmare


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I'm having VPS2 package. But never thought that around 2K daily UV would kill the server. Last month site went down 15 time. This month it's going down 2-3 times daily!

Support staff asked me to optimize wordpress. So took advice from all the places and optimized my database, removed junk, dropped useless tables. Installed Quick cache plugin (it's better than super cache) Also using WP Auto-optimize; enabled .gz compression. Now the site load time improved dramatically.

But the nightmare hasn't stopped. Today site gone down 2 more times :(
So submitted ticket to updrade into VPS4. Hopefully this should solve my problem

I don't know how to best optimize Apache, PHP etc for wordpress as my technical knowledge is very limited. And I don't want to hire a random techie from another forum. So anyone care to advice me?

Yes, I think KH should offer and special configuration for Wordpress user (just some tweaks to apache, etc), this will help you to get many webmasters out there. Specially the ones like me who doesn´t want to mess up the server.

Now I´m going to Hybrid from VS3 :( because of my wordpress blogs are getting more traffic and it can´t handle it right.
I'm on a VPS4 package (cpanel), and KH can't seem to handle our Wordpress install.

A site that handled 36,000 pageviews in a day before trouble began (and at $25.00/month) was just fine. Thought that switching to a better system (VPS4 @ $70.00/month) would allow us to get past the upper limit of our daily traffic. Instead, we're regularly crapping out at 20k pageviews in a day.

The KH solution? To block IP addresses that are sending too much traffic to my site.

NOT a good answer. Traffic = revenue = KH get's payed for their services.

Need to find a better wordpress solution.

Anyone have anyplace to go to get the proper WP configurations for the server? A useful website beyond the "optimize your wordpress" that KH sends out as an "answer" to problems with WP hosting would be best.
What are the unique visits at any given time? There is a big difference between 20,000 page views spread out evenly over a twenty-four hour period and your site getting hammered all at once. How many users are logged-in? Are you using a cache plug-in to help reduce the resource strain of querying a database? Just curious to know.