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Hi Team,

As you know hosting support changes, services changes and word-press is the new 'thing' at this moment.
I see that KH now also offers Managed Wordpress Plans. However, when I have have a wordpress issue on my Managed VPS Plan I always get :

"Wordpress is best effort and is technically outside the scope of our support; or
"Please understand, this is not something we do."

Most of the time support helps me but always they mention 'This is not something we do'

So my question, If I order the Managed Wordpress Plan, will you guys still give me the same response? I think this question is also for most pre-sales users that would like to sign up for the plan.

Also, If you do offer Wordpress technical Support on that plan, why not also on the new VPS Plan's??
It's a bit of an apples to oranges comparison so to speak. On VPS/Dedicated/Cloud hosting packages there is a huge array of things not in our direct control that impact how websites run. With those packages our goal is to provide you with a working web stack (lets say LAMP to keep it simple). From there anything from PHP modules to MySQL versions, etc. can all be tweaked by the customer.

With our WordPress packages we specifcally control all of that, and only us. We make sure that the environment is perfect for running WordPress sites.

WordPress is technically 3rd party and out of direct scope on both products, but the goal of the the larger products is a LAMP stack that can run multiple types of software for you (including WordPress) whereas the goal of WordPress hosting is specifically to make sure you have a working WordPress site.

As for working on WP itself we'll go just as far on one type of package as the other - making sure your server is setup properly to run WordPress (or other web applications). Things beyond that are a best effort as we do not claim to be website developers.

Hope this helps :)

Could you clarify what the issue you were facing was when you received that reply? I am fairly certain I know one of your recent tickets that received a similar reply but do not want to disclose details of that ticket on the forum without asking for confirmation first.

There are a variety of different situations when it comes to supporting a web application like WordPress. Before stating that a situation is outside of our support scope, we rule the possibility of clear error messages or server configuration causing the issue. To expand on what Jonathan mentioned, for example: If a plugin returns a PHP error that is logic based, this is something that falls outside of our support scope because the actual logic in the code needs to be addressed by either a qualified developer or the maintainer of the plugin or theme. If the PHP error relates to a configuration problem or is a simple PHP error like a missing file, that is something we could correct or provide more advice on correcting.

Managed WordPress support basically includes making sure your server environment is set up to offer specifically a good user experience for WordPress websites, and also allows us to assist with some basic administrative tasks like resetting user password, changing the base domain of the website, activating or deactivating plugins, etc. Higher level code-related issues may need to involve qualified developers to address issues like those.