WordPress plugin causing delay in domain resolving


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I was just wondering if anyone had an problem/experience with a WordPress plugin causing the domain to take longer to resolve.

I have a couple of websites on my VPS that have a plugin that connects to another server to transmit information to a mobile routing software (customer purchases water delivery service on website, info gets sent to route manager system so that delivery drivers get the info on a handheld device).

Whenever the plugin is activated, the page loading times go up by 3+ seconds, but deactivated and the page resolves much quicker and page loads in under 2s. The developer of the plugin isn't sure why that is happening but will "try to look into it and fix it for next version of the plugin", but that could take a long time and my client is getting antsy to have it fixed as it is hurting his business.

The weird thing is that there is another different website, hosted at I think Network Solutions, that uses the very same plugin, but does NOT have this problem. Could this be a server configuration issue? NetSol is not at the top of the list of GOOD hosting companies from what I can tell, so it's surprising that they are not having any issues.

Sorry for the wall of text. I guess I just want to know if this is something KnownHost can help to figure out or am I at the mercy of the plugin developer?
Sorry for the late reply. It's a custom plugin called eStorefront by Advantage Route Systems. They make the plugin to tie into their route management program. I don't think it's in the WordPress repository.
I would take a look on WHM while loading the page to see exactly which executable is lagging and eating up resources. By the way, what you're describing is "page load time" not "domain resolving" which is a very different issue all together.