WordPress Installs II


OK, I hope I am going to answer this one myself, but I want to make sure I don't overlook anything.

I am creating seperate accounts for each of my client websites. Since I prefer to create my websites online, I have bought a "placeholder" domain to create new client websites under. Therefore, I create an account for the "placeholder" domain in WHM and create the website to show to my client before it goes live under their domain. If they are happy with it, I then go back into WHM and change the primary domain, username and ftp username (and the appropriate passwords for those 2) for the "placeholder" account to the client domain, a more appropriate username, etc.

I should be able to continue to do this with the "placeholder" domain indefinitely I believe. The only hitch I see is that the client will have to wait for the propagation period until their new site pops up under their domain. This seems very doable but I wanted to run this by those more experienced than I.
Hi Crunchy,

So you're thinking of:
Creating the domain using your placeholder
Demo it to your client
If they buy in renaming the user, domain, and changing the password (ftp user should follow the user)
Rinse and repeat for each client

Are you thinking of installing Wordpress onto the demo account as well?

Personally I would be very leery of changing things like usernames and domains. cPanel is pretty robust now but doing this repeatedly and recreating the same account (the demo account) repeatedly I think would just be asking for trouble. And if you are installing WP into the demo account you'll need a database which the name of is tied to the user name and I am unsure if that DB name will change with it. As a matter of fact a LOT of things get tied to the username and I seriously doubt they would all change which might cause conflicts when you went to recreate your demo account (IE: DB names are username_dbname).

If you've purchased the domain name for the demo account why not just leave it and then when a client buys in you simply create a new account for them? This would actually be less work as you wouldn't have to go through the changing things part.

There is a skeleton directly in cPanel that you can use to create default websites but just from a quick search it does not look like you can use it for databases but it's not that big a deal to install WP really and once you get a routine down it should all go fairly quickly for you.
Ok, that was exactly what I was thinking when I asked this question.

Since I just started my business I was looking for a way to create websites for my early clients to show them what I can do. Once I get a few clients under my belt and link them on my website, I won't have a need for a "demo" account and will actually delete the account and move that demo domain under my own account as its a derivation of my own business domain.

Thanks for your time.
I've been a big fan of using sub domains.

One of my main sites: cmsdabbler.com

Sites in development for clients:


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