WordPress Caching Issue


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I'm having a tough time getting any WordPress caching plugin to function correctly. I'm using the DSP php handler since I figure it's alright security wise since I only have one site on the VPS account.

I have 777 chmod the entire wp-content folder and the appropriate setup/install folders are created when I install a cache plugin. Right now I have hyper-cache installed after having no luck with super-cache and quick-cache.

They all seem to be working fine the wp-admin dashboard but then now new cached files are ever generated in the cache folder.

I'd really appreciate any help with this issue.

Hi Patrick,

I never had any issues with W3 Total Cache plugin for Wordpress and I would highly recommend it.

Hi Glenn, thanks for your input! I'm actually a bit hesitant of W3TC because of browser caching. I like the idea behind Super Cache and quick cache in that I have a bit more control of what our visitors see since we update the content several times a week.

Since using DSO I cannot get any cache plugin to work - will have to keep trying! Please let me know if you have any tips.

As Glenn suggested, I would go with W3 Total Cache, you have a lot more control than what you may think you have, plus it's built in CDN tool is amazing.
Another vote for W3TC. You can adjust how long the cache lasts and the cache can be updated whenever new content comes in automatically.

The issue may be with DSO. I have nothing but trouble with file permissions if I'm not using FastCGI or suPHP.