Windows VPS KVM or Hyper-V


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I have been pondering over which windows VPS to select from, I have two options to select. I need some expert guidance. Price is almost same for these options.

Option 1 - KVM based VPS
6GB DEDICATED RAM // 3 vCORE // 90GB SSD // DDoS Protection Available // 3TB BANDWIDTH// 1GbpS shared port

Option 2 - Hyper-V based VPS
4GB DEDICATED RAM // 2 vCORE // 60GB SSD // DDoS Protection Available // 2TB BANDWIDTH// 100 Mbps shared port

I will be e-commerce websites where expected traffic is 300 users per day min to start with. plus there will be 5-6 small database driven websites for my other clients.
The Total daily traffic is expected to be around 2000 visitors per day.
concurrent users possible at any given time - 10-15

I searched on internet but they are just telling hyper-V is from MS and KVM is linux based. Nobody really answering, whether one should go for KVM based windows VPS or not?

My Question is which option to choose from, really confused.
Based on specs alone the Option 1 KVM based VPS you mentioned is by far more capable, more ram, appears to be more processing power, more space, more bandwidth, and a faster connection. But, the real question is, what is the site developed in? That might determine which OS you need to go with. If the site is already developed, what OS is it on now? You should stick with the same or you may have to make some major changes. That might help you narrow down your options.
That'll significantly reduce your options then and help you narrow down your choices. You're pretty much stuck with a Windows OS system, and although it could possibly be using a MySQL database, chances are it's using MS SQL, but check to be sure, as that'll narrow your options even more. Then your next step is to just find a Windows & MS SQL Web Host Provider, which unless unknown changes have been made, that's unfortunately not KnownHost.
The above VPS options were for Windows VPS and I will be using ASP.NET and MySQL. and for another smaller website on the same server would be using MSSQL database.
So does this option sounds good or need more power required.
Option 1
6GB DEDICATED RAM // 3 vCORE // 90GB SSD // DDoS Protection Available // 3TB BANDWIDTH// 1GbpS shared port
If Option 1 has both MS SQL and MySQL on it and your sites are not anything too intense, looks fine. But, I'm not aware of many hosts offering a single package that includes both MS SQL and MySQL. You may need to get one that includes MS SQL and add on MySQL yourself, or get a separate server to host your MySQL database, or convert one to the other if you want to have a single server with a single database engine.