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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by mhamilton, Nov 20, 2009.

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    I'm interested to sign up with Knownhost VPS for 3 of my Wordpress sites. Currently 2 of them are hosted on shared hosting and 1 on a VPS (different company).

    domain1.com - ip1
    ns1.domain1.com - ip1
    ns2.domain1.com - ip2

    Shared host 1:
    domain2.com - ip3
    ns1.domain2.com - ip3
    ns2.domain2.com - ip3

    Shared host 2:
    domain3.com - ip4
    ns1.domain3.com - ip4
    ns2.domain3.com - ip4

    They are all on different class-c IP and I would like to keep them that way (separate from each other).

    I understand the VPS package with Knownhost comes with 2 IPs. How many more do I need to properly keep them separate? How complicated it is to configure this?

    What I do know:
    - How to add nameserver and add/edit the existing Nameserver IP in Namecheap.
    - Add new domain and create cpanel via WHM
    - Moving Wordpress sites from one host to another.
    - Add username to wheel group
    - SSH using root login.

    What I don't know (and would like to learn):
    - A-record and NS-record, cname records
    - NSD
    - resolv.conf
    - BIND
    - Why only one IP is used for each of the domain on my current shared host but 2 IP for my current VPS
    and much more!!

    I've heard great things about Knownhost and would like to sign up. I've read a number of posts in this forum to get the feel on what to expect. But I'm worry that the setup will be way "over my head" especially the part where I would like those sites to have separate IP (both domain and nameservers). Specifically, what do I need to enter on the Orderwiz?

    Thanks. ;)

  2. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Hi Michael,

    Are you looking for general information about above listed things or something specific? Here are few links that were found in a quick google search that provide general information for the items above:
    DNS records: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_DNS_record_types
    NSD: http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/projects/nsd/
    resolv.conf: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resolv.conf
    bind: https://www.isc.org/software/bind

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure I was able to understand the question right. Please provide a bit more details as to what you'd like to know.

    As long as you order a VPS with the control panel such as cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin our support team will be happy to assist with accounts configuration to satisfy your needs. The way to configure accounts on separate IPs highly depends on the control panel you'd like to us. For example, in case of cPanel you can change account's IP by going to WHM >> Account Functions >> Change Site's IP Address.

    In the order wizard you should select the hosting plan you'd like to have, payment term (i.e. monthly), control panel you'd like to use and any add-ons you want to have. The only thing that can be said about options to be selected based on this forum post is that it appears you'd want to have 4 IPs total, so you would need to select +2 additional IPs addon.

  3. mhamilton

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. My point about what I do know and don't was trying to gauge if it is possible for me to configure the account with my current level of knowledge about VPS, sorry for not being clear.

    I'm planning to order one with cPanel. Glad to learn that I will be getting assistance in configuring the account.

    You mentioned that I will need total of 4 Ips, I'm still not completely clear on how they are going to be assigned across 3 domains (6 nameservers).
    Using the domain/nameserver format in my original post, would it be possible to let me know how the 4 Ips will be assigned:

    IP available: ip1, ip2, ip3 and ip4

    domain1.com - ip?
    ns1.domain1.com - ip?
    ns2.domain1.com - ip?

    domain2.com - ip?
    ns1.domain2.com - ip?
    ns2.domain2.com - ip?

    domain3.com - ip?
    ns1.domain3.com - ip?
    ns2.domain3.com - ip?

    Thanks again for your time.

  4. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member


    We offer fully managed VPS hosting as long as you order a control panel with your package. While running a VPS with the control panel you can consider it like you have a reseller account - our support team will be happy to take care of any backend tasks you may want to perform. If you want to get something done (i.e. add a PHP module, etc) just open a ticket.

    Sounds good

    I mentioned about 4 IPs based on the information you posted in the first message - you've said you currently have domains hosted on 4 IPs and would prefer to keep it the same.
    You do not need to have extra IPs for nameserver names - you can register as many nameserver names with the single set of IPs as you want.

    IPs can be assigned as you posted in the first message in this thread or in any other way you want them to be assigned.

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