Will shared hosting be best for me ?


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Well I have 3 Wordpress blogs with 3 Forums.
I had pretty bad experience with Ixwebhosting. Is it good for me to Start with Web One as my net monthly traffic is just 3GB. I''ll have to see 5times traffic to exceed it when I am willing upgrade my plan.. What do you guys think..

Somebody help me..

Shared hosting providers post disk space and bandwidth. What they don't advertise as clearly is the number of concurrent mysql connections available to to each cPanel account, and the amount of PHP memory assigned to your account. If all the WP installations under one account use too much of the allocated resources, you will have failed page loads. This will happen if the blogs become popular.

The nice thing about a VPS is that you can create a separate cPanel account for each blog. You will notice a speed increase if you choose a provider with an outstanding reputation and network like Knownhost.

I recently switched from fast shared hosting with a different reputable host to my VPS with KnownHost and there is definitely a noticeable increase in speed with my database driven sites. The servers and the network are fast! The managed support here is phenomenal. You won't regret the move.