Will be moving from shared hosting...


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We have a wordpress based website. My question is this: Will the cPanel have Wordpress, php and MySQL all ready to go when we have KnownHost migrate us over? Will our site developer have to re-install the various plugins, etc or is all of that part of the migration?

We're currently on a shared hosting plan and really need to get into a better VPS plan like this, but I'm nervous about the move and extra costs my developer might run into. Could anyone help me understand what I need to know ahead of time before I commit?

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost :)

cPanel-to-cPanel migrations are the smoothest kind of migrations and in 99% of cases there are no issues and when there are it's usually very minor .htaccess fixes where shared hosting had special settings. All you need to know is the login information to the old and new servers to give us, and also how to create nameservers with your registrar. Past that, we'll handle everything. (We will give you the info you'll need to create the nameservers at your registrar).
It's really that easy? I've done the name server changes at the two registrars before so that's not an issue, either. What about email aliases and forwarders, etc?