why the switch to kayako?


I'm just wondering cause I need a good support suite for my business....why did you(KH) switch from cereberus to kayako, i was under the impression that cereberus was more reliable....?


For us reason was simple - latest Kayako version offers much more features that we were looking for. Kayako SupportSuite 3.0 gives us everything that we need in one place (i.e. tickets, task scheduling, teamwork, live chat and a whole bunch of other features). Also it makes it easier to reduce amount of tickets that we receive b/c it has instant search in KB articles and tries to match ticket text with one or more existing articles in knowledge base.
Cerberus is good and stable but lacks generic functionality which makes our work less efficient.

Very interesting....

Just so you know, the menu links on the top and bottom of the support page(Shared Hosting,Reseller Hosting) are not working and the billing portal is still linking to the cereberus support suite....