Why is KH not considering CWP as a ontrol panel?


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I came across this CWP control panel today while reading a thread on WHT forum.

I'm curious, has KH ever considered it as an alternative to cPanel?

It seems you are pushing more DirectAdmin, is there a technical reason (e.g. CWP is missing too many features) or it's more an operative reason (e.g. our staff can not be an expert of every possible control panel in the world).


I'd say it's a mixture of both. In the traditional sense of hosting, DirectAdmin is the closest competitor to cPanel, has appropriate pricing and decent support backing it. It also doesn't hurt that we have been using DirectAdmin as a cPanel alternative for the better part of 10 years, so we know it and it works.

CWP is probably on the better side of most other alternatives, but DA has a proven track record in our experience, and CWP doesn't offer enough differentiation to make us say that we really need it. Anyone of course can install CWP on an unmanaged system to try it out, as there's nothing that prevents the install but learning the quirks and nuances of a new control panel, and being able to digest that in a way that we can standardized across our staff is no small task.

Thanks for your question thou and if you've got any follow up I'll be glad to engage!
@domainlord I almost forgot one thing. While this report is a bit older now, it's still very relevant regarding security audits: https://rack911labs.ca/research/security-analysis-of-alternative-control-panels/

Long story short, CWP did not get passing marks and it was even commented that rack911 had audited them previously and "We looked at this panel years ago and sent off a handful of flaws back then. Little has been done to improve security and we ended up finding another 22 flaws. The developer has been terrible at communicating and we have no ETA on patches yet."

So that alone would exclude CWP for our purposes.