Why did you choose DA?


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I'm just wondering...

I know that DA isn't the most popular control panel out there. It probably isn't the most powerful. But it is lean and intuitive in my opinion.

For me, it was years ago. A buddy turned me on to a cheap DA reseller account and I fell in love with the control panel. It has come a long way since then. I also loved the fact that I found a simple "mail only" control panel skin. This allowed me to give users access to the DA control panel with only the mail options. This gave them control of the only part of the domain that they really needed to change.

I'm beginning to believe that it is the best VPS control panel out there. Now with custombuild, it is fairly easy for a beginning VPS admin to configure the applications that they really want.

I don't think I will leave DA any time in the near future.

What made you choose DA over the other control panels offered?