why are all vps hosting having one and only same login details??


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It's my first time having a vps hosting account and I am just curious about vps account having only one same login details. Is this really necessary and doesn't this present a security risk?

I mean the username is basically generic as "root" and only shield by our password which again is the same for all sections in our account.

As a first timer in vps - my first concern is security simply because one will have full access should he be able to get in without my knowledge or authorization - to do whatever he wants.

From my understanding, there's no second tier security like a PIN or something.

Any feedbacks and comment to share their views on this topic, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and best wishes to all !
Hello Flash99,

Your root password is YOUR password for the VPS. You definitely do not want to give it out to anyone. When you create a domain (account) in WHM you will assign it a username and password and that is what you would give out to your client if you want them to have access to the cPanel for their domain.

Hope that helps and if you have any more questions you know where to find us :)