I`m just signing up for the trial, give it a shot and see if it`s something to my liking. Hope so.

I`ve been looking for an easy billing/helpdesk/faq solution. I tried playing around with Cerberus for a few days but it`s such a huge bloated package.
I have found it's not a resource hog at all. Where Clientexec seemed to take forever to even do an invoice, WHMCS just zips right along. I got my monthly billing done in less than two hours (it was taking all day and sometimes two)and had never used it before.

I'm ready to have a sacrificial burning of Clientexec in celebration lol!

BTW, I'll ditto that it's pretty awesome that it was asked and immediately checked into!
We just need to add whmcs to the orderwiz and add a download link for licensed KH users. This will be made available hopefully tonight as an option so if someone is interested email sales@ and it will be added. We hope this turns out good as it seems like a solid product.

I have the trial version installed just a few minutes ago. Compared to Clientexec it seems much faster, and compared to Cerberus helpdesk it`s literally warp-speed!!!

Looks like I have some reading material tonight:D
I think that its great you are listening to all of the customers and delivering! I don't see us moving anytime! Knownhost is one of a kind

Pricing is the same as Clientexec so it is $5/mo. We are all new to this so for more information I would recommend reading www.whmcs.com. From what we know it is very light and simple to use. I am sure there will be some replies to this thread from current users. :)

How would we go about adding this on? Seems like a very useful system (and nice and clean, too).
If i setup a free 15 day trial and it works is it possible for support to change my key set me up with a full version?
I just finally purchased a license to WHMCS.

Its really a great piece of software. And it works flawlessly with Plesk!