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I have to ask... why on earth are the support staff asking for my admin password to my WHMCS area? this is very odd to refresh my license.

I don't feel comfortable giving anyone access to my admin area and for you guys asking to gain access to a private area is rather weird.

WHMCS provides all resellers an addon to do a quick license refresh.
wow... i changed my root password to get them off the server because i'm feeling rather uncomfortable with the tech who is doing the work.

They still managed to get into my server, they then logged into WHM twice for no reason.

Then they rebuild my php configuration and edit my apache config. I had my server setup how i wanted and they enter literally head first and make unauthorized changes, force their way into the box even though i changed the root password, login to WHM for whatever reason and i've requested TWICE now to logoff and they login again.

Did i mention all this all because i asked to have my WHMCS license reissued (refreshed)

I've been so happy with knownhost now almost a year and this is the first time i've felt like privacy has been invaded and things changed without my prior consent.

Whats going on Paul? What are your guys doing?

Your request to "refresh" the license with the specified license ID was recognized as request to change license in your local WHMCS installation and this is the question that was researched by the team in your ticket #210197 and this is what they tried to perform for you.
Once you said that by "refresh" you meant "reissue a license" through WHMCS license management interface your request got a bit different meaning and you were told to get in touch with the sales to do so. Support team doesn't have any access to any of the license management systems of any of our vendors.
I apologize for possible inconvenience with this and I'm pretty sure this won't be the case if request will be worded a bit different and if it will be submitted to the right department (your tickets history shows that you do know that WHMCS licenses are being reissues by the sales team).

Reissue/refresh wording is even used on the WHMCS web site forums as well. My php configuration was changed because i had to re-modify the php.ini to disable the functions i originally had disabled.

The staff went too far when trying to gain access to something they couldn't get into because i have the directory IP restricted. Instead of asking they went to looking through configuration files and i to this minute cannot figure out why Randy ran the update script for php. I keep on top of that stuff and had my php.ini file customized to my liking.

I checked shell history 'history' command to see the php configuration update was ran and at that point i was wondering what the? Ask the owner of the server questions if you're having troubles.

I changed the root password to stop the changes at that point and Randy still forced his way into the server somehow? How exactly did he do that without the root password?

Anyhow, i may ask a lot of questions here and there, i keep on top of my server maybe more then usual. I now have two with you guys and still plan to pickup a dedicated in a short time. I felt questions should have been asked if they couldn't figure something out, it doesn't show weakness since each user customizes their server.

I IP restrict the whmcs admin folder because of vulnerabilities with hacking attempts and a refresh didn't ask for a new license #? Why would any user need their license # changed?