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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Andrew, May 25, 2008.

  1. Andrew

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    Well to start this off, KH is a really good hosting company for VPS, they deliver cheap services and offer the best support I have seen out there on the hosting market. They offer VPS and give you the ability to buy VPS's at fractional of the price, but most important, they give you add-ons galore, from WHMCS, RAM, IP's, and ClientExec.

    I use my VPS for purposes of selling Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting, and find it difficult to offer all the add-ons that other hosting companies that are bigger then me offer to their clients. I have wanted to give free WHMCS/ClientExec license to my resellers, which I would buy from KH. The problem is, I want to give them free, and I do not want to have to pay bulk prices, or even 12.00 dollars a license, where as KH gives them for cheap price of 5.00 USD!

    KH only allows one(1) license per VPS, which seems very small. I wanted to see if KH can change this and allow us to buy # of license, and I would be glad to pay 6.00 or even 7.00 just to get these license, which beats me paying 12.00. This is the drag in the hosting market, is that we as host have to provide our resellers with options to sell their hosting.

    If you can see where I am going with this please post your opinions or experiences.

    So the main question is:
    Should KnownHost allow us to buy more then 1 license per VPS so that we can give it to our resellers?
  2. ppc

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    From what I recall, the reason Knownhost only allows for one license per customer was due to a WHMCS restriction. WHMCS gives Knownhost such a bulk rate only for licenses
    I don't see any restriction though of selling multiple licenses, but maybe that's something that's not written on WHMCS's site.
  3. Andrew

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    I can understand the restriction by WHMCS's, but We are Knownhost customers
    , Its' just i do not want to be paying 12 dollars for extra licenses when i am giving them "free" for every reseller package that I sell. If it was 5 dollars, then that is more like it, but 12 is way to much for WHMCS licenses. I can get clientexec licenses but no one wants them, they all want WHMCS.

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