WHM 11.50 and Centos 5


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Does anyone know what issues there are with running 11.50 on centos 5? The cPanel documentation says that centos 5 is technically supported, but the WHM main screen then gives a warning that you really better be on centos 6.
I think they're just trying to get people thinking about upgrading early. Supporting older software is really no fun so they probably want to drop Cent 5 support as soon as it goes EOL and not have people complaining.

Also 6+ support several new things like SNI for example that they're building around pretty heavily, as well as dropped Tomcat support, etc.

11.50 is still pretty new but to date I've not heard of any issues with it simply because of CentOS 5.
The warning 'implies' that some features may not work or may break? The verbiage is "To take full advantage of cPanel and WHM, we STRONGLY recommend that you use Centos 6." But I haven't been able to find anything that describes what 'full advantage' is versus ... I guess not 'full advantage'. Lol. Anybody have a contact at cPanel who might know?
The only two differences I know of are SNI introduced in CentOS6 and the dropping of Tomcat support in CentOS 7. Past that there's of course version differences on tons of binaries, etc. but not much in terms of major things that matter to most folks in terms of usability of their server.