Which plan is right for me - forum website with XenForo


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Hello everyone, looking to purchase a plan to host a forum website. I expect the forum use base around 2-5 thousand over time. What is the right plan for me?

There isn't enough information within the initial question this user asked to provide any package suggestions.

The Sales Department should be reached out to in order to inquire into potential packages like this.

We'd need to know more information in regards to what the setup should be expected to handle
  • Are you looking for scalability?
  • How many concurrent users are expected?
  • Are you expecting growth? If so, how much over what sort of time frame?
  • Average traffic per month
Unless such information is provided, it's nigh impossible to provide any realistic suggestion, as we wouldn't want to provide a bold recommendation that would end up being wrong and placing you in an unfortunate situation.