Which plan is perfect for a vBulletin Board?



I'm an admin at a website where our primary application is a vBulletin board. We have:

Threads: 11,703, Posts: 328,212, Members: 1,053

Although, we usually have under 60 concurrent users on at a time, sometimes we have a hundred or more on at the same time. Which of your hosting plans would you recommend?

Would that plan fit in a budget under thirty U.S. dollars? Under $40?

(We may or may not, (haven't decided yet), want to set up a chat room application.)

We have many forums being hosted in our VPS plans and many choose the VPS XL plan. It is tough to say if you will need more memory but we offer memory a la carte to help make that easier on you as the customer. My recommendation depends on the control panel you opt for but the VPS XL is a good starting point. We do have 30 day money back guarantee's with all hosting plans so if you end up not satisfied you can easily ask for your money back. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Also, check out our Specials page as we have a VPS promotion ending tonight. You may want to entertain that as you save quite a bit of money. :)

I've never managed a server before. So far, my only experience has been with Shared Hosting plans. Will things be easy or difficult for newbie to a VPS?
So your hosting this forum in a shared hosting plan now? In general yes a VPS is more difficult but that is why we are here to help when needed. A VPS is just like having your own server so you have your own control panel, mail server, FTP, etc. As long as you are willing to learn we have no problem assisting with most things. Hope to see you sign up.

Yes, we're on a Shared Hosting plan. We've had to move several times because, apparently, our vB Board is using too many "resources". So, I'm looking around for a new place. KnownHost is one of the companies on the "short list".

I'm always willing to learn new things, finding the time is one of my bigger problems.

How many of your customers have a vBulletin board set up? Ours has an arcade and a CMS. That's pretty much all we have.

We'd need cPanel, (that's what our current plan uses), and I understand that a cPanel to cPanel transfer is easy. Would that transer the entire site, directories (and their CHMod settings), as well as the MySql database? Or, would that just transfer the database?

Would you have the VPS set up with everything and all secure so we'd just have to "move in" or would we have to start from scratch ourselves?
We have a pretty large number of customers who host vBulletin in our VPS's with cPanel. I don't know an exact number but saying we have over 100+ hundred is realistic. The memory is the key factor here so it would be good to shut off the services you don't need. We do ship cPanel VPS's preoptimized so this should help from the beginning.

cPanel to cPanel migrations we would do for you as long as you give us access to your current system and backup's. This would include everything not just databases. The way this works is simple, once you order open a support ticket requesting to schedule the migration and give us access to confirm logins work, etc. From there we will move all the data.

We would deliver the VPS tonight preoptimized for performance with APF Firewall if you request it. It will be ready to use but you will need to configure the mail server, etc how you please (we are here for help if needed). You get your own IP's too and Nameservers which is different then your normal shared hosting plans.

I've never managed a server before. So far, my only experience has been with Shared Hosting plans. Will things be easy or difficult for newbie to a VPS?
hi...we are also on vbulletin 3.6.4
we are using vbseo (a bit resource hunger)

our user: 997.post: 150,000+
daily post: 500+

and our Server load never cross even 1.00
we have installed eAcclerator (will move to APC + memcache)
and we are on Vps XL TX.

Yeah..yet not we face any problem..tho we are also new here.....
It speeds up PHPs performance by caching high demand scripts.

Pros: Less cpu load, faster execution.
Cons: Uses more memory.