which plan for me and cpanel question...

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Unregistered, Jan 6, 2008.

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    I'm running a phpbb2 forum (planning to convert to SMF) with about 150 posts per day...300,000 page views per month. mySQL db is about 125mb. Normally usage runs around 25gb of bandwidth per month but its been as high as 30gb.

    I'm currently on a shared web hosting plan with another provider. It's been reliable but the service has been very spotty the last few weeks. Since they are one of the "big ones", I expect service to degrade.

    I'm also wondering why cPanel would cost extra for a VPS plan. Thanks!
  2. Bryan

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    What's your question?

    On shared hosting, the host has a cPanel license for the entire server. VPS's are kinda like mini-servers to an extent, and thus each one needs its own license. It's not possible to use one license on a machine filled with VPS accounts, like it is with Shared and Reseller hosting.
  3. Unregistered

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    from the thread title... which plan for me and cpanel question...

    and thanks for answering the cpanel query
  4. ppc

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    I would start off with the VPS XL plan. Virtuozzo is great in that you can easily upgrade and downgrade packages with zero downtime.

  5. KH-Joel

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    I would also recommend the XL as well. If you want to spend a little less then try the L with a memory upgrade as that may work too. Like ppc said, upgrades are seamless from the customer perspective so you won't experience any gliche when upgrading/downgrading. Hope to see you signup. Make sure you visit this url to get promotion details. http://knownhost.com/specials.html

  6. Bryan

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    Ahhhh that one, gotcha. As the others have mentioned, XL would most likely suit you well. We have an XL right now in California and it performs flawlessly.

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