Which one is Better? One Server vs. Multiple Servers


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We are building a huge real estate website (startup) with the next year goal of having about 30.000-40.000 visitors/DAY and 9.000.000-10.000.000 pages per month. This inferior estimate is based on several of our competitors in the same field. Since we are a small self-funded startup with a very limited budget, we don't want to spend too much money on server yet. The real estate website that we are developing will be a database intensive website that must be able to perform thousands of MySQL queries per second fast! On every page that is displayed, there will be tens of real estate pictures loaded. PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc will be optimized as much as possible in every area.

There are 2 server solutions that we have been researching on with the main goal of being able to serve 1000 concurrent online users (fast and stable) where each and every user will require tens of MySQL queries. Our budget for the server is about $300/month.

1. Everything runs from One Single dedicated server = $289/month
Dedicated DEDI-CP3
12GB RAM + Xeon 3450(4x2.66GHz,8MB)

2. Multiple servers: Total $275/month

Server #1 for 12 MySQL DATABASEs
Hybrid Server HY2

Server #2 for Hundreds of PHP FILES, CSS, JS

Server #3 for Million of IMAGES (Max 100KB/image)
768MB RAM + 40GB

Which server solution will be faster and more stable when serving 1000 concurrent users?
I tend to think that the Multiple Server solution is more scalable but maybe it's not a good idea for load balancing(?).
I am a newbie when it comes to server management for high traffic website, so I need the expert's advice. Thanks.

This was answered via a Sales ticket. I thought this was updated but it wasn't.