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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by ontheouter, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. ontheouter

    ontheouter New Member

    Hi guys, have been with KH for a few months now and lovin' it :)

    Just wanted to throw some thoughts out, and see what anyone may think or advise on things.

    My main site gets around 4-5000 page views per day, and is still slowly growing...

    I have a few other little sites attached to the account, a couple that should be doing well, but are very slow speed and visitor wise, while the main site is doing really well.

    Have been wondering whether I have the right plan for my needs?

    I'm on the VPS2 option.

    What do you think? Am I underpowered, or OK? Greatly appreciate any advise.

  2. KH-Jonathan

    KH-Jonathan Director of Managed Services Staff Member

    The best plan is hard to define. It depends specifically upon what you need and what's important to you. For example SSD plans are a bit more expensive and offer a bit less disk space but much faster than traditional disks. That's the direction I'd recommend you go, over to the SSD line.
  3. ontheouter

    ontheouter New Member

    Thanks so much for the prompt reply Jonathon.

    Thats exactly what I've been considering already, switching to SSD. I guess other than the SSD, would the extra RAM be a factor in these types of visitor numbers, or is it of little consequence??

    What I noticed with HG before coming to KH was that this main site got very popular very quick and then slumped fast, almost down to nothing, then within a few weeks of switching to KH - she started to climb again, and I noticed the same with other HG hosted accounts too over the past few years. I don't mind paying the extra $$ if it means the difference between hundreds or thousands of views per day. Obviously Google is having a big say in their SERPS here.
  4. KH-DavidL

    KH-DavidL Abuse & Documentation Specialist Staff Member

    Hello and welcome to the KH family! Similar to what Jonathan stated earlier, "It depends specifically upon what you need and what's important to you.". More specifically, every website's needs differ. A lot of depends on the type of website you have (eg. all static content, or database driven dynamic content). Depending on how the website is developed, or on top of which platform plays a significant role in whether or not 'extra ram' would be necessary. If you are unsure, there are two suggested methods to determine what would be best for your needs. I'd recommend either contacting the developer for recommended configurations, however if that's not an option, monitoring your server's resource consumption with traffic increases will provide a lot of information as to what your needs are. You can always, easily upgrade or downgrade your current SSD package depending on your needs.

    I know that's not as "specific" of an answer as your looking for, but let me know if I can answer anything further.
  5. ontheouter

    ontheouter New Member

    Thanks again for the further reply and advice...

    I'll look into the things as you recommend, and will look to trial a SSD option for a few months to see how it all goes.

    Apart from one IP.Board site hosted in Australia, my sites are all Joomla, all built by myself, as a novice and self learnt. Thanks again.

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