Which is faster VPS SSD or Dedicated Server SSD


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Does it matter? I'm all for speed of loading since my site has a lot of images with 30k visitors daily. Does dedicated server help and more faster than the current VPS SSD I have? I also have Cloudflare and WP Super Cache installed. Shall I need both when I migrate to Dedicated server?

The main difference is going to come down to the amount of RAM and having dedicated CPU. For smaller sites a VPS may be a tad faster on a VPS because we use such powerful CPUs in our VPS nodes but in most cases if you get a mid-range dedi (CP2 and up) then this is negligible and doesn't matter and at that point the dedicated is definitely better as it will be able to handle more capacity and concurrent traffic due to the dedicated CPU and availability of much more RAM.

Hang on to Cloudflare and WP Super cache, but only if it's using RAM caching. Disk-caching is evil.