Which Email Spam filtering do you use?


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What do you all like for spam filtering? particular 3rd party services?
or just the built-in Mail Assassin in cPanel? If so, what configuration seems to work good for small business?

Knownhost, if I may ask, what spam filtering do you use for your company?

I'm a bit late to your post but here's what we are using on our side since September 2020.

** This is for VPS or dedicated server setup only **

  • Incoming emails:
    • SpamExpert - https://www.spamexperts.com/services/incoming-filter
    • It cost $1USD per domain with a minimum of $50USD/per month
    • Rock solid services
    • Control panel for both admin and user (our cPanel user have access to view incoming emails and release them if needed)
    • Easy as just changing MX records to use SpamExpert insteady of your server MX records
  • Outgoing emails:
    • SMTP2GO - https://www.smtp2go.com/
    • Never had downtime
    • Able to fit on a 40,000 outgoing emails plans ($15USD/month)
    • They are really strict with bounces and spam emails so you must keep an eye on your servers
    • Easy to follow documentation to edit your EXIM configuration to use SMTP2GO
It does cost me $65USD/month but our server process over 150,000 emails per month and I have peace of mind everyday with the above setup.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!