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Which datacenter should I choose? My clients are primarily located in NY but over time I'm hoping my reach increases as my business expands. Is there any compelling reason to go with one location over another?
Generally people choose a location geographically closets to their/their client's location(s). If NY is your current target audience and by increasing your reach you mean still in the general NE US, then by all means go with the East Coast datacenter. If you expect to grow your audience to the US in general I recommend Central (Dallas). If you target overseas as well then choose based on the closest to your remote audience overseas to give everything the best average response - eg: for Asia: West Coast; Europe: East Coast.
Here is an example of actual data over the last 3 days from 4 different locations to Baltimore and Texas.
Should give you a good idea of what to go for.

Not sure why. I can see it even when not logged into the board. That suggests that the image should be visible to everyone.
Has to be a permission issues, I can't see it either. Just the file name shows.

Afterthought: is it a link to a local file on your own computer, by any chance?