Where do the Plesk Backups go?


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Under each domain on my Plesk/VPS server, I have a Backup icon. It appears this can be used to do several types of different backups - including FTP to another box.

My question concerns the local backup though; where does it store these backups. I figured it was on my local VPS server but where?

Also, if I have a space limit of say 2GB for a client, does this backup eat into that space? In theory, they could run backups as often as they wanted so I am a little concerned if this space isn't accounted in their alloted space on my server.

Thanks, Gary
Hi Gary,

If I remember correctly you should be able to find these backups somehwere around /var/lib/psa directory.
I believe size of the client / domain backups is counted against disk space limit.

Good god you guys are fast! LOL Thanks for the response Paul! You are correct, I found the files under that directorty. BTW, they have no extension and this leads me to another question.

Let's say for whatever reason, I wanted one of my clients off my server but DID want him to be able to take his files with him so he could host elsewhere. If the client was to create a backup and then download it to his PC, he potentially has his site (I would think).

As stated though, the downloaded file doesn't have an extension so I'm wondering what he could do with it - if anything?
This backup can be restored by the customer on the very same Plesk installation right through the interface or it can be used by server admin of another Plesk server to restore all files, account settings, etc. Such restoration on the other server can be performed only on the server backend with the help of /usr/local/psa/bin/pleskrestore utility.