Where Can I Find Help?


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Hi there, I have a Managed Knownhost VPS that simply hosts 1 Wordpress blog. The technical stuff is simply over my head and I can't sit down to try to learn everything from scratch while my blog is crashing - it's how I earn a living. There is a problem that all the memory is being used. I've tried everything I've read about, deactivated plugins and have reduced the loads, but memory remains high. At this point I need to hire someone who knows Apache and knows Wordpress. Can anyone refer me to a place that I can retain someone with verified credentials that is familiar with both Apache and Wordpress?

I have a VS4 with 1280Mb Ram (with all current updates)
Running Wordpress 3.0.4 with 8 plugins including W3 Total Cache
Fairly busy site with pictures, 10-20K visitors per day, can get 100-300 comments within 24 hour period.

If there is somewhere else I should post this info, please let me know. In the interim, if anyone can give me a hint to where I might search for help, I'd appreciate it. Please let me know here if it is allowed, or PM me.
Hi saran875,

Before going to that extreme have you sent KH support a ticket asking them to take a look? It is a managed VPS and that is what they do after all :)