when to upgrade or add-on to your package


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to avoid any lag, problems or downtime.. when is the best time to add on ram / space or upgrade to a larger package? what % of usage should you see (for example) in your cpanel Server Status?

with previous hosts my site grew too quickly and the host never informed my site may be nearing the comfortable limits soon (which i realize is not their job, but with shared hosting you don't always get the luxuries of full control and being a newb doesn't help any either)
I found it depends on the package, I originally signed up for the base package (Mtx) and found it was just completely unsuitable as not enough ram is offered, specially for cpanel. I was pretty much hitting 100% on the memory usage the second my vsp came online. If your hitting 85 - 90% on your memory usage deffinatly upgrade! More importently if you start going into the swap, swap is a very bad thing to be using! 80 - 90% is fairly normal usage for a VPS btw.

Hello Kaitlyn,

I run top in SSH. You can also do free -m for a flat break down of free/used shown in megabytes.

Hope that helps