What's the names of nameservers on my VPS?

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    I use nameservers of my registrar, I wanted to move them to my VPS (knownhost). I need to enter 2 addresses of nameservers (usually it's xxx1.something.com and xxx2.something.com) in the registrar's panel. What are these for my VPS?
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    You should have received those from your welcome email. Normally its the domain that you used in the signup form for your VPS. Thus they will be ns1.domain.com ns2.domain.com

    If you've got any questions feel free to pop in a support ticket and one of our techs will verify the settings of your server and let you know what the default name servers are.
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    Here is what you should do:

    Go to your domain registrar's website. Add those two IP's as hosts with something like this:

    ns1.yourdomain.com - 22.111.333.25
    ns2.yourdomain.com - 22.222.555.25

    Then save those changes and change the domain names NS settings to:

    This is the sample video in namecheap:


    Logon to Root WHM on the VPS

    Once your WHM is setup with apache and all configured, your going to want to make an account for your domain.

    You can do this at Account Functions >> Create a New Account

    **Fill in all of your information as needed. If you have not made a package list yet for plans and what not, you will need to do this at Packages >> Create Package

    Once the account is made, your going to want to go to DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone

    Once your there, select your domain and it will bring up the dns editor.

    Your going to go to the bottom and create (2) A name entries which should be similar to this:

    ns1 - 38000 - in - A - (NS1 Ip adress on your server)
    ns2 - 38000 - in - A - (NS2 Ip adress on your server)

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