What's the best way to backup?


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I have a VPS running CPanel and currently have 2 accounts set up on it.

I was wondering, how should I be backing things up?

I'd like to be able to restore my server if I ever needed to do so, do I need to back this up or does knowhost do that for me automatically?

As for accounts, I presume I back these up myself and as one of my accounts is going to be very important I am intending on weekly backups. Is there an automatic way to do this or am I ok to manually use the backup option in the control panel for that account? (Home Directory backup and MySql Database backup).

Any advice is welcome as I would like to be prepared should the worse happen.

Thanks :)
Knownhost does a complete VPS backup each night.

However, per account backups can be done through WHM by clicking the backup section and enabling backup. Then select where you'd like to store the backups and for which accounts, it also lets you select to store them on a remote FTP server. You may set these to backup monthly, weekly, or daily here.

Small correction - we're running VPS backups creation task every other night.