What's so bad about Virtuozzo's firewall?


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I am new here and I have read in quite a few posts that folks don't like the Virtuozzo firewall and they install APF, for example, instead.

I am not clear on how bad the Virtuozzo firewall is: is it not working? is it missing some features? is it difficult to configure? (up to now I have had no problem with it)

In other words, should I install quickly another firewall or can I live with Virtuozzo's firewall for a while?

Hello KnightB4,

To tell you the truth I never even knew or considered using it as I had used APF previously and was familiar with it's configuration.

I guess if the Virtuozzo firewall allows configuration such as the opening and closing of specified ports that it will work just fine for you but if you have to live with what it gives you then you should think about installing your own.
Yes, the Virtuozzo firewall can open or close ports just fine.

Is there anything else that another firewall can do and that is really useful?

APF's feature list is available here:


Many of those are incredibly useful networking tools when you are working with numerous pieces of hardware, but I haven't personally found any need for any of them with a single VPS sitting in a datacenter I have no control over anyway.
Thanks for the link ... a lot of features, most of them I don't understand what they are about.

As you say, as a single VPS owner, I probably don't need any of this. So, I'll stick with Virtuozzo's firewall.

Thanks for the info,