What would be recommended


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I am currently looking to switch from my current shared host to a VPS and think knownhost is what I will be going with.
I run vBulletin and Coppermine photogallery (possibly switching to photopost) as well as wordpress for my homepage info, so basically all php/mysql applications.

Right now we have about 150 users and expanding. I like the ease of upgrading plans as our site grows, but don't really know where to start.
I was thinking about the L plan, don't know if RAM would be enough though, what is typical of shared plans? I'm thinking basically any option is probably alot better than my current shared, so start small.

Also Plesk vs cpanel? I have some cpanel experience with my shared plan, but like the plesk look and feel alot better, will I lose anything by going plesk over cpanel? What would be recommended. I don't know linux command line very well right now, so would be using the panel for most things.


Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. I would recommend sticking to cPanel if you know it well but some do make the switch to Plesk. Keep in mind we will migrate your current sites from cPanel to cPanel for free but we won't be able to from cPanel to Plesk. That is something to consider. You will still be able to host the applications you mentioned with Plesk but in general cPanel is more popular across our customer base. It really is about personal preference. Regarding the VPS L plan that would be ideal to start with as you get 256 MB of guaranteed RAM and like you said when needed you can easily upgrade with no downtime. If you have any further questions let us know. Hope to see you signup. :)