What node am I on?


Many have asked "How do I find out which node my VPS is on?".

In this tutorial I will outline the steps in finding the answer to this question.

(Assuming your on Windows)

Go to Start, Run
  1. Type: cmd
  2. Type: tracert -w 300 hostnamehere (replace your hostname with hostnamehere)
  3. The second to last hop will be *.private*******.net where the * is the nodenumber-the datacenter your in.
I looked to see if this question was asked before and it wasn't. So, maybe I am just clueless, but I can't find anything in my account information that indicates anything is referred to as "hostname" or "hostnamehere". The example given in that FAQ never gave an example of what a "hostnamehere" would look like. I mighta been able to figger it out from there.

Please provide more complete information when using generic terminology. If the account information uses one term and the FAQ uses another, there will be confusion. I am not one to keep quiet so that no one will know I don't know something. Unfortunately, this is one of those things no one should have to ask. I was a crypto specialist in Vietnam, but my code book is out of date.

Thanks for any help,

You can do a tracert using the IP address of your VPS.

tracert x.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

You can see your VPS hostname by:
1. Login to your Virtuozzo Power Panel and the hostname is right at the top eg vps.example.com

2. Login to your WHM as root and select Networking Setup -> Hostname option. The hostname will be listed on the displayed page.

3. SSH as root to your VPS and use the command "hostname"
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Thank you for the feedback. Here's the official definition of a hostname and I corrected the thread to include the pertinent information(thanks mylinear).