What Name Servers to use?

Lawrence Smith

New Member

I am taking over a client's site and migrating it to knownhost VPS. The client didn't have a lot of information. How do I find out what name servers to set at the domain registrar?
I believe KH will setup private nameservers for you on the VPS - you will probably want to do this with a new domain and us that as the base domain for the VPS and nameservers. Before moving to KH I had a reseller account at Hostgrator, with private nameservers setup for www.mywebdesigndomain.co.uk When I moved to the Knownhost VPS I set the VPS up with myhostingdomain.uk and used that as the basis for the VPS and private nameservers, so I have ns1.myhostingdomain.uk and ns2.myhostingdomain.uk (all these domains are fake but just to give you the idea...). I then have several websites on different domains on the VPS which all point to those nameservers.

some further reading for you: https://forums.knownhost.com/threads/question-about-default-vps-setup-and-private-nameservers.3356/