What exactly is "System CPU Usage"?


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As i was reading the ToS, i found out about the "No more than 25% of CPU system resources for more than 90 seconds", so i thought "i don't have a huge site, so it's ok".

But i wanted to know, where or how do i know how much CPU system resources am i using, and what could be causing it?

Thank you :eek:
If you have a control panel then it should show you. If not you can use the 'top' command from your shell.
i checked now, and why are there so many apache process?

there are like 5 taking around 13 ram each one, is that normal? T_T

ps. i'm using webmin and only one site
Damn, then i gotta get more ram, then.... it would be almost impossible to have cPanel in this plan with this ram xD
Ah, I forgot which forum I was in for a second. Nevermind ;)

It should be usable, but 128MB is not a lot, and if you plan on serving up a lot of dynamic content, you'll be bumping your head quite often. The ala carte upgrades are pretty cheap, and well worth it in my opinion.
Yeah, but later... i was just saying, that if cPanel takes a lot of ram, it would be.... well, very difficult to run with 128 ram =P the upgrades are good, i think i'll get myself some ram later on, i should have done so before when i had input the promo code to get the discount T_T