What does "fully managed support" mean to me.


A couple questions I should have asked before moving to a VPS, but my shared host was killing me so I had to jump before I pulled all my hair out. We're talking about a VPS with a control panel.

  • Do you keep the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack up to date or do I need to periodically do it (I have cPanel)? For that matter, do you keep cPanel current or is that something I do?
  • Can I assume my data is protected in the case of a hardware fault? Specifically - if I have my backups on the VPS I think I'm protected from problems I cause, but do I need to be concerned about a drive failure and keep backups off site too? My data isn't so critical/irreplaceable that I need protection from a sink hole opening and swallowing your data center.
Hi MiCarl!

LAMP will be your responsibility to update and there are interfaces in WHM for doing so such as EasyApache for Apache and PHP.

cPanel by default is set to update automatically every morning.

KH takes a backup every other day. However, if I'm not mistaken, if you need a restore done it has to be everything in your account. If you store your WHM backups on the VPS you should be fine I would think.

Hope that helps!
We can also do partial restores of specific users and databases for a $10 fee.

I'll keep that in mind, but shouldn't need it. I think I can do my own partials.

What I wanted to do was make sure you had a backup in case a hardware failure caused me to loose mine.