What do you use your VPS for?


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First, I guess this is in response to my other thread in the lounge, but whatever.

I was just curious what any of you use your VPSes for. Obviously if you are paying $20+ per month on a VPS (need control) then you're doing something halfway important ;)

Please share :D

I donate the space to military families.

It is just a learning experience for me. I offer the space to military families that I know so that they can use the space to keep in touch with family as they move all over the world.

Basically, I've gone from shared to reseller to VPS. It started out just as a site for my wife and I since we move around (also military). Then a friend saw it and wanted something similar, and it has just grown from there.

At first, I had 2 separate reseller accounts. One was very generously donated to me. Unfortuneately, that host decided to drop its DirectAdmin support and it no longer made financial sense for me to upgrade my premium reseller account when for less money, I could get my own VPS with KH.

Currently, I host sites for about 15-20 military families and/or organizations or so.
I host my family's website with a photo gallery, forums, and a calendar.

Then I provide hosting to friends and family at a very decent price (place I work for, my sister's company, my daughters elementary school PTA etc.).

I've been hosting my own domain for quite a while now and with the photo gallery it pretty quickly outgrew shared hosting. I tried the reseller thing and it didn't have the control I wanted so moved to a VPS with another company after that. The performance from that company became atrocious about 1.5 years after someone else bought it out so here I am :)

Baigainti I have to give you kudos, that is a very admirable thing for you to do :)
Baigainti I have to give you kudos, that is a very admirable thing for you to do :)


Like I said, it is a learning experience for me. Most of my users use the domains primarily for email. A few I've set up with a simple Blog + Photo Gallery. I don't make any promises about uptime or staying in "business," but have always offered to help users move to a new host if they feel they have outgrown my services. So far, in 5 years, nobody has taken me up on that. :)
I basically have my two forums on VPS because of the reliability. Neither of them are big enough to warrant a VPS but when you go through what I went through with Bluehost you will pay whatever it takes for piece of mind. Plus the intention is to grow the forums into "Big-Boards" status. However, they are not very old so I have some time. I just registered baileysbabybowes.com today on the regular shared service package. Looks like my wife and her mom are bored again and will start selling the bowes they make for our daughter...
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I think you're screwed as far as the domain is concerned. You'll just have to go ahead and get the other one as well. I'm pretty sure no company will let you cancel a domain order, but you never know.

Anyway, good luck. Hopefully you'll get that all sorted out. Worst case, you just bought a domain you don't need. :D
Yeah yeah yeah... I geuss I was bound to have this happen sooner or later. I am sure I am not the first or last person to do so.... besides... I can setup a redirect for all those people who like to add an 'e' to words. Like that moron Quayle! Or wait did he not add the 'e'? Who cares he is a moron any way.
The Bish, depending on your registrar, you have the option of asking for a refund or name change for the domain you just bought. some of them lets you do that for only 2 days, but some let's you do that up to 1 week. Just talk with your registrar.

Caleb, I use the VPS for giving web hosting service to my friends and a couple other customers.
I had to upgrade to a VPS, when one of my friend came to me for help. His web site has around 25.000 unique visitors and around 12-15 million hits a month. So, I did not have much choice, but to get a VPS :)
I use my VPS for providing web hosting service to my friends and several hosting/design customers of mine.

I cant deny that I also use my VPS for fiddling around a little. Technology always amazes me.
We use our VPS for hosting for friends and for people who we have been recommended to by word of mouth.

We have 4 forums, one local community site a couple of static business sites and we are in the process of signing up a couple of new customers.

The VPS is perfect for our business at the moment.