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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pieter, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Pieter

    Pieter New Member


    I've been a very happy KH client and supporter for nearly 2 years now. In this time I've had maybe one or two issues but nothing major. Support staff have always been on the ball so in that field no one could ask for more.

    Recently I decided to see what is out there and how the KH service/products compare against the competition.

    I personally think that KH have been left behind a bit by the offerings from other hosts. Yes I do know there are many fly by nights out there that will take your money and not being able to deliver on promises but lets be honest there are the same amount of hosting services out there that is just as reliable as KH.

    My question/suggestion why can't you make more system resources available to your standard packages or even add more levels?

    Storage space is just one of them. Having 300Gb of traffic p/m is ok but if you host big videos that quickly becomes nothing not to talk of the already low storage space by default.

    Some might disagree with my view and that is ok..

    Thanks Again
  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    I'm always for getting the most out of my money so if there are possible upgrades we could see that would be great! :D
  3. KH-Jay

    KH-Jay Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback. There are several items factored into the cost of our products such as the staff we have, etc. I can tell you we are working on several things to make KnownHost even better so things like packages will be reviewed for the future, etc. Appreciate the the kind words. :)

  4. Pieter

    Pieter New Member

    I hope that is before I run out of disc space...ouch ;) :D:D
  5. Yogesh Sarkar

    Yogesh Sarkar New Member

    That reminds me, have you guys launched the trial run of your dedicated service? I remember seeing a post regarding it a while back.
  6. KH-Jay

    KH-Jay Administrator Staff Member

    If someone is interested in a dedicated server we can quote them one off. It is not publicly advertised yet.

  7. Pieter

    Pieter New Member

    I would be interested in seeing what you have lined up and to perfectly honest I am looking elsewhere just because of value for money especially in the economic turmoil the whole of planet is going through.

    I would HATE to leave KH and have always been a advocate of your great service but on the other hand I also understand that KH is a business that needs to stay afloat like all of us.

  8. KH-Jay

    KH-Jay Administrator Staff Member

    Drop an email to sales(at)knownhost.com. They will show you the dedicated servers we can offer at this time.

  9. Pieter

    Pieter New Member

    Thanks will do that..


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